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Grease Monkey - Denver #09

515 S. Federal Blvd.,  Denver,  CO 80219
(303) 934-1254


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Hanna B (Yelp User)
8/15/2016 12:01 PM ETZ
" I'v had consistently fantastic experiences at this Grease Monkey location. Never did I think an oil change could be so thrilling. Service is top notch. Waiting room is comfortable, has wifi and coffee, and is always playing Diners, Drive-ins and Dives which keeps the mood light and fun. They get you in and out AND they vacuum the car and clean the windows at no extra fee. It's amazing. This last time they left a flower on my dashboard. It's the little things. "

Sylvia J ( Yelp User)
11/23/2015 3:30 PM ETZ
" Just got my oil changed here and had an awesome experience. The guys were all friendly and they were very professional and quick. What I really appreciated was that they were not pushy with any additional services. They also left a flower in my car, super nice gesture!

Gaston (Yelp User)
11/18/2015 12:32 PM ETZ
" Been here before, but changed my oil this weekend and had a great experience once again. They said it would take 45 mins, finished in 30 mins. Friendly, efficient, detailed - this Grease Monkey is rad.

Karen Lowitz
9/30/2015 12:20 PM ETZ
" Excellent service from Grease Monkey #9 on S. Federal. As I was leaving my low tire pressure notice came on, my home is ~3 blocks away so I figured I would check when I got home. When I touched the front passenger air valve it shot off and the tire drained immediately. I rode my bike back to the shop where the manager graciously sent the asst. mgr back to remove the tire and bring it to a nearby shop to replace the valve stem. Super appreciative of helpful folks who went above & beyond. "

Art Ulibarri
7/23/2015 3:54 PM ETZ
" I have taken our company fleet vehicles to this location for over 12 years,and Manual is the best of the best! I trust every recommendation he makes, and they back up their service 100%. Their customer service is over the top! It really doesn't get any better than this. Art U.

Angelena  Raphael
6/7/2015 11:52 AM ETZ
" Since 2004 Raphael vehicles have been taken care of by Grease Monkey. I have never taken them nor would I to any other garage. They have always been taken to the Grease Monkey at 515 S. Federal Blvd. Every employee has always been very courteous. I also am very grateful for all the information that is given to me about my vehicle. I no nothing about vehicles. As an older women I appreciate the flower that is placed in my vehicle when it is returned to me. Please do no change. Thank you! "

Iran M (Yelp User)
6/5/2015 10:12 AM ETZ
" I been coming here for at least 5 yrs for my oil change, I love coming here there super nice and it's always clean and the staff is super friendly. I give it 5 starts for sure  keep up the good work! "

Emily (Yelp User)
6/2/2015 10:11 AM ETZ
" These guys are great! I got my oil changed today, and I was on my way in about 20mins! They have the right price point and they do a good job. They vacuumed out the car and left a carnation on my dashboard! Made my day, thanks guys! "

Britney K (Yelp User)
12/23/2014 11:02 AM ETZ
" I don't know man, I just like it here. They're reasonably priced, always super nice, they vacuum your car and leave a carnation on your dash :). Plus you just park in the lot and sit in the nice waiting room while they handle all the business. Currently drinking free coffee and watching the new fast and furious movie. "

Crystal Bahl (Google User)
12/9/2014 12:59 PM ETZ
" I had a wonderful experience here. After calling around and finding that some places were going to have to order the oil for my car, I was relieved to find this place fully stocked and prepared. Every one was very professional, and the service was great. They even vacuumed and left a pretty stemmed carnation on the dash. (no joke!) I'm considering gift cards here for christmas. Every one needs a good oil change! "

Tamsen D (Yelp User)
7/8/2014 3:50 PM ETZ
" I had a fantastic experience here. Alejandro was very helpful, kind and professional and so was every other employee I dealt with. They were fast and had a very clean lobby! I will definitely be coming back here next time.
Thanks guys! "

Ashley K (Yelp User)
5/28/2014 3:50 PM ETZ
" I really feel like I have to give these guys a shoutout. I was parked in the 'next in line' spot cleaning out my car when I absentmindedly threw my key in the dumpster. After searching my entire car and having a mini panic attack, the guy told me they could ride me to my house to get my spare so I wouldn't have to "worry about a tow truck" (since that would have been necessary because I was blocking the drive thru). I thought that was a very generous offer and they really had no reason to do it for me. I told him the only possibility I could think of (since I'd searched the entire car) was I threw it in the dumpster, and I had already dug through there a bit myself. He said he'd look, and a few minutes later he walked back with my key. I was ecstatic. So yeah, I'm an idiot and these guys are awesome. Also, just because it was Wednesday (ladies day), I got $5 off my oil change. Great customer service here. Reasonable prices too. "

John Moore
Denver Colorado
4/2/2014 10:40 AM ETZ
" I wish I got paid for trolling, Fact is I dont. These folks are great. Its simple, you want professionalism.. this is where you go. How do they handle a problem? I dont know, never had one with this place.. NEVER. they do their job well, then double check themselves, and then a supervisor will double check again./ They are all super nice.. not fake.  You can watch it all on video while you wait, or you can kick back and watch a movie.  I wont take my cars any where else.PERIOD "

Nicole M (Yelp User)
3/23/2014 10:30 AM ETZ
" I had a great experience at this location. The work was completed quickly and service was great. Every employee I encountered was friendly and professional. Recommendations based on mileage were offered but not pressured. This was a very nice change from most places I've been before. "

Tanya L (Yelp User)
2/3/2014 10:31 AM ETZ
" After my uncle, a mechanic, moved out of state i have had to find other places to get my car serviced. I've never been so happy before i came here. They don't take all day. Only recommend whats needed but no pressure if i say no. They vacuum my car and leave me a flower :) what more could I ask for? Great service at this location. Friendly employees and never had a problem.

Brian  Carlin (Google User)
1/15/2014 10:32 AM ETZ
" Excellent, clean, and efficient service.

Yessenia Estrada (Google User)
1/11/2014 11:29 AM ETZ
" I love this place!!! We have been coming here for years and they always do a great job. Very Friendly staff! I highly recommend this shop. "

Tom D. (Google User)
Denver, CO
11/4/2013 11:26 AM ETZ
" Simply put, these guys were great. I was in at 7:55 am and out by 8:20 am. All the while, these guys were polite and informative. I would recommend this location to anyone. Great service. "

Emily  Jones (Google User)
8/11/2013 11:28 AM ETZ
" Never written a review on Google before, much less for an oil change service, but my experience today was so positive I just had to. I searched the closest Grease Monkey to my location and chose this one, I always use Grease Monkey because I feel they actually do the work they say they did, unlike Jiffy Lube. I feel really lucky that I stumbled in here. Everyone was extremely pleasant right off the bat to the end of the service. I didn't feel like I was being oversold on maintenance items for my car, just the usual air filter and engine flush thing. It was super fast, probably under 20 minutes total (granted there was no line), the lobby is beautiful and clean and they had a movie playing. My car was in great condition afterwards, the carpets were vacuumed very thoroughly. What's more, they even put a carnation on the dash! Aw! That's such a nice touch that I've never had at any other Grease Monkey. Even if this is out of my way in the future I'll go back here, I want to give good people my money, not just any old oil change place. "

Gustavo Nungary (Google User)
Denver, CO
7/5/2013 11:29 AM ETZ
" Quick, great work, extremely nice, and great prices! Its almost like if they are doing it all for free! Definitely recommend this grease monkey! "

Amanda H
2/3/2013 10:32 AM ETZ
" Just walked through the door and was greeted in less thana minute, very fast service. They werent pushy at all with the upsells and extras! Will definately return here again! "


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